CIS Engages Residents in Enterprise's Mid-Atlantic Market

CPDC programs are rooted in a time-tested, data-supported model of working alongside residents to help positively impact people’s lives. CPDC engages a variety of stakeholders – including: resident and non-resident volunteers, non-profit and private sector partners, local and federal government agencies, and CPDC site staff – to provide comprehensive services to help support residents in a variety of ways, including addressing critical areas such as food security, youth and adult education, healthy living, financial literacy, and employment stability. CPDC believes strongly in the engagement of residents to help solve issues in their community. Through our Community Impact Strategies (CIS) initiatives, CPDC provides the space and resources for residents to be the drivers of solutions to community issues. This approach not only works to improve the community, but it empowers community members to engage and participate with one another, forging a strong bond between neighbors, both in the community and beyond our property lines.

Strategic Resident Engagement

CPDC’s programs are rooted in a time-tested model of serving residents with the potential to significantly impact people’s lives. As a result of our strategic resident engagement, CPDC residents are doing better in school; learning new job skills and finding stable employment; developing financial literacy and growing their savings; and developing new healthy eating and exercise habits.

We rely on residents to help solve problems in their communities. Through our CIS program, CPDC provides the space and resources—then we step back and let residents drive the solutions to fix community problems. This approach not only improves the lives of our residents, but it’s making an impact outside our lot lines.

Our CIS model is built upon five areas of sustainable community development that serve as the basis for all initiatives:

  1. Economic Development: providing job readiness and soft/hard skills training, financial literacy programs, economic security, access to transportation, and access to technology
  2. Education: focusing on lifelong learning, from early childhood education initiative to after-school programs, parental engagement, adult literacy and education, and continuous learning for seniors
  3. Environment: promoting energy efficiency, recycling, and resident-driven community beautification initiatives
  4. Health and Wellness: encouraging health education and awareness, access to healthy food options, fitness and wellness classes, and access to social-emotional as well as physical wellness services
  5. Resident Engagement: encouraging civic engagement and volunteerism, cultural exchange, connectedness and community engagement, and self-efficacy

CPDC is committed to the long-term success of residents, our partners, and our communities. We believe strongly that when one person succeeds, we all succeed.

CPDC and communities together, growing and thriving.

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