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Enterprise’s mission is to create opportunity for low- and moderate-income people through affordable housing in diverse, thriving communities. This means making sure that those who are struggling to pay rent have a well-designed, affordable home to move into; access to transportation to get themselves to work and their children off to school; and, ultimately, the resources and opportunities they need to lift themselves up and out of poverty toward a better life.

We achieve our mission through a three-part system:

  • Invest capital in our mission: to create and preserve well-designed, affordable homes
  • Reinvest revenues to develop programmatic solutions
  • Scale these solutions through policy change

Program Policy Capital

Since 2012, you’ve help us bring in more than $133 million in Enterprise lending, financing, investing and equity to support Atlanta community development, thereby creating and preserving 2,900 units of mixed-income and affordable housing.

With your support, the Enterprise Southeast office has also been able to grant $1.7 million to 36 nonprofits and organizations in support of their community development efforts, which include the preservation and production of 500 affordable homes for families and homeless individuals, organizational capacity-building, asset management to strengthen operations and sustainability, implementing community land trust models and more.

What We Do Differently


Community Investment

Community development can’t be achieved without funding. At Enterprise Southeast, we are developing a coordinated approach that will help reduce transaction costs and increase the scale and impact of community investment in metro Atlanta.

Our partners include:

  • Atlanta Regional Commission
  • City of Atlanta Planning and Community Development
  • The Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
  • Columbia Ventures
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Invest Atlanta
  • The Kendeda Fund
  • Partnership for Southern Equity
  • Southern Co./GA Power

Equitable Transit Oriented Development

By placing affordable housing near transportation, we expand access to jobs, educational opportunities and prosperity, improving the opportunities for safe, healthy and rewarding lives for all. Enterprise leads the capital work of the TransFormation Alliance, which is a broad partnership of organizations from the private, public and nonprofit sectors dedicated to creating thriving, mixed-income communities anchored by transit and linked to all the opportunities and amenities that make Atlanta great


Capacity Building

We equip committed community organizations with the tools, skills and resources to create affordable housing and strengthen communities.

  • Foundation for Success (Section 4) – Proven and effective, the Section 4 program builds our partners’ capacity by providing grants, loans and technical assistance to foster community development from the ground up. Section 4 Recipients PDF
  • Affordable Housing Accelerator Program – Envisioned by Enterprise and implemented in partnership with the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, NeighborWorks and Georgia ACT, the Affordable Housing Accelerator Program works with nonprofits to create a roadmap of concrete action that leads to tangible increases in affordable homes within one year of participation.


Enterprise can be found in the state houses and city halls of Atlanta and Miami, working to:

  • Increase local resources for affordable housing
  • Use existing resources more effectively
  • Ensure America’s rental housing stock is sustainable for the long-term

We approach policy and advocacy by forming coalitions with local partners, building relationships with policymakers, and providing sound recommendations based on best practices.

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