Our Impact
Breadth, scale and expertise in action

Over our 42-year history, Enterprise has invested $72 billion and created or preserved 1 million homes in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. All to make home and community places of pride, power and belonging. And our work doesn’t stop there.


$578 million

in all-time grants made to local partner organizations


2+ million

renters protected through policy wins in the last two years



residents supported at our properties in the Mid-Atlantic

Our impact - we've invested deeply in communities since 1982. A map of the United States in green reflects these investments.

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The numbers are big, but our impact goes deeper than digits. We focus on the impact of the homes we build and preserve and the dollars we invest in communities and with our partners.

Our theory of impact is measured across three levels: systems, communities and people. Because it takes an approach at all three levels and a responsive feedback loop between those levels that will get us the lasting change we need. We are fortunate at Enterprise to have the full range of capabilities to make this theory of impact real and address all three levels. Here’s how:

Our Impact On: Systems

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge headshot
We have to find ways to not only preserve housing but to preserve the people who live in that housing. We have to build neighborhoods.
Marcia Fudge, Former Secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Fighting Income Bias | New York

Speaker at podium

Not long after her Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, Elizabeth Barnes lost her job. When she was looking for a new apartment, all her applications were rejected – because she needed to pay rent with a housing voucher. Through our advocacy, and by working together on a campaign with residents like Elizabeth, we secured a critical win: a statewide ban on source-of-income discrimination. Elizabeth and her daughter now happily live in an apartment she can pay for with her housing voucher. Watch Elizabeth’s story.

Our Impact On: Communities

Kollin Min, Gates Foundation
Enterprise has played a critical role in bringing together sectors that don’t normally talk with one another. We find their team here in Seattle to be among the most innovative thinkers in the community.
Kollin Min, Sr. Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Columbia Heights Village | Washington, D.C.

Women playing bingo

In a high-cost D.C. community, we helped preserve over 400 homes as affordable and ensured that the tenant’s association became partial owners of the buildings. We brought the full breadth of our capabilities, providing over $100,000 in mortgage debt and equity investments, and a Section 4 Capacity Building grant to make it possible. “We are a success story,” says Josephine Hodges, member of the tenant’s association and long-time resident. “We’ve shown that we as residents deserve the right to ownership.” Read the full story of Columbia Heights Village.

Our Impact On: People

A man in a wheelchair
To me having a home means redemption. Francis Grady Apartments, what it means to me is comfortability, a stable foundation, and just living.
Warren Magee, resident, Francis Grady Apartments in Boston

The Owen Family | Midvale, Utah

Family of five sit on a couch

Cameron Owen works an overnight shift and then takes college courses during the day. With three children in school, he and his wife Callie needed an affordable but spacious home near Salt Lake City and close to public transit. They moved into Canyon Crossing, a green-certified development financed with $14.5 million in housing tax credit equity from Enterprise. “If you go to our old apartment versus here,” Callie says, “you would say: ‘wow, you really moved up in life!’”

Man building airplane with child
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We’ve made a good home possible for millions of Americans without one, but there’s still more we can do together. Let’s make our biggest impact yet.