Raymond Demers

Sr. Director, Programs

Ray Demers is a senior director with Building Resilient Futures at Enterprise Community Partners. He oversees and directs the Enterprise Green Communities work. Since 2011, Ray has co-led the technical development of the Green Communities Criteria and developed the original Green Communities Certification process over a decade ago. He is responsible for strategic direction, partnerships and coordination across the sustainability and allied fields. He also co-leads Enterprise’s program efforts advancing equitable decarbonization strategies in affordable housing.
Previously at Enterprise, he led several award-winning programs at the intersection of design & housing including the Enterprise Rose Fellowship and the Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute. In 2020, Ray helped create and launch Enterprise’s COVID response program to support partner organizations maintain operations while keeping residents housed through grants and technical support.

Ray is a frequent speaker and event organizer, having delivered over 100 trainings, workshops and presentations nationwide at events such as: Greenbuild; American Institute of Architects Conference; Structures for Inclusion; HIVE for Housing; Health Impact Assessment Conference; Council of Large Public Housing Authorities; North American Indian Housing Council; and the Native Learning Center.

Ray serves on advisory groups notably: the American Institute of Architects  Housing and Community Development Knowledge Community, which he chaired in 2022; and the Housing Knowledge Community with the Boston Society for Architecture which he co-chaired from 2020-2021. Prior to joining Enterprise, he worked in construction and architecture firms in the northeast.
He holds a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.

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