When the Covid-19 shutdown began, we knew the impact on residents, communities and our partners could be devastating. We saw that the people affected most would be people of color as well as workers who make the least money in America – communities that were already struggling to make ends meet with limited access to health care.

1 in 4 Americans
are rent insecure
10.5 Million Households
pay more than half their income in rent

Our policy team provided guidance and analysis for residents, affordable housing owners, community development organizations and small businesses to help them spend federal aid dollars and navigate eviction moratoria and other laws and regulations.

Two years later, with the pandemic still impacting our everyday lives and recent natural disasters ravaging national housing supply, we are continuing to create new opportunities to build up the affordable infrastructure through Covid-19 and disaster relief and recovery packages.

 Innovation Highlight 

Seeing the Bigger Picture

While helping secure Covid-relief legislation that supported struggling Americans with housing through innovative relief programs, we never lost sight of the long-term solution. We continued pushing for permanent programs to support low-and moderate-income families.

Our urgent, persistent advocacy for infrastructure and relief legislation goes beyond the impacts of Covid-19. It is designed to build up our affordable housing infrastructure, as well as incentivize community development. We are investing in towns and cities struggling with jobs creation and lack of community services, especially those plagued by high rates of poverty and unemployment even prior to the pandemic.

In addition to working with federal officials to ensure new funding through federal programs, we are focused on getting that funding to our most vulnerable communities as quickly as possible. While we continue to engage with Congress and the administration on future infrastructure and relief legislation, we will also continue our engagement with states and localities so that already appropriated federal funds are used effectively and efficiently.

10 Million
Americans Supported
$11.7 Million
Funds Raised

When the pandemic hit, we didn’t hesitate. We broke new ground with innovative relief programs that support communities through unprecedented challenges. Over the next 10 years our creative solutions are estimated to keep 10 million Americans in their homes.