In support of the Make It Home (MIH) initiative in Cleveland, Ohio, Enterprise seeks to engage a boutique firm and/or individual contractors specializing in the development and integration of project management, data analysis, geospatial visualization, and online community engagement platforms. The MIH program is designed to take occupied properties that have been forfeited to the state due to delinquent property taxes and assist the current occupant of the property to become the homeowner. This program is comprised of several partners responsible for providing distinct and direct services for the potential homeowner, e.g outreach and engagement, homeownership readiness assessment, financial coaching, home repairs, title transfer, and estate planning. Our goal is to create a cohesive process utilizing technology to track program participants, their status, and progress across the different stages of the program with various partners.

How to Apply:

Inquiries concerning this RFQ should be directed to Kathy Matthews at or 216.325.6569.