Gulf Coast Climate Resilience Academy

This regional cohort of multifamily and single family affordable housing owners, operators, and developers are learning and implementing effective and affordable strategies to make their properties more resilient to the environmental risks across Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi.

Webinar: Resilient Affordable Housing 101 | Climate Risk Reduction in the Gulf

Our panelists Alessandra Jerolleman, Oji Alexander and Laurie Schoeman spoke about:

  • Current and future climate hazards in the Gulf
  • How affordable housing can be best prepared for these hazards
  • Examples of current work being done in the Gulf to best prepare affordable housing for these hazards
  • How resilient affordable housing fits into the resilience of the entire Gulf region

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Webinar: Funding Climate Risk Reduction for Affordable Housing

Our panelists Pat Forbes, Ray Miller, Joyce Coffee and Damon Burns spoke about:

  • Navigating federal, state, local, and private funding channels for pre- and post-disaster
  • Exploring creative ways of funding resilience projects to reduce costs and stabilize housing
  • Finding and being aware of opportunities
  • Building partnerships around financing

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April 8, 2022
  • Gulf Coast
Impact Areas
  • Building Resilient Futures