Housing as a Pathway to Justice: Landscape Analysis of the District of Columbia

One hundred (100) million people live in the United States with criminal records and compromised ability to secure housing.  Enterprise engaged in a landscape assessment of the intersection of the housing and criminal legal system in the District of Columbia to address this need for individuals with legal system involvement. The assessment included a literature review, key informant interviews, and 
case studies that provided an overview of the market’s context, needs, resources, and barriers; a map of the carceral and provider systems; and profiles of housing service delivery models. The District of Columbia is a thriving majority-minority city yet has the 8th highest incarceration rate in the world and struggles with developing and preserving affordable and subsidized housing.

January 10, 2024
Enterprise Community Partners and Arcstratta
  • Mid-Atlantic
Impact Areas
  • Housing as a Pathway to Justice
  • Preservation Equity