Insights from Housing Leaders

We’ve been breaking barriers and building communities to make a good home possible for the millions of families without one for the past 40 years.

To celebrate, we brought together the greatest minds in affordable housing. We discussed today’s most pressing issues and how to prepare for the next 40 years.

Opening Plenary

Sitting Down with Sec. Fudge

President of Enterprise Community Partner’s Solutions division, Jaqueline Waggoner, sat down for a candid conversation with HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge. Rather than taking a top-down approach, Secretary Fudge explained that she puts people at the center of all the work she does. Get a deep dive into this no-holds-barred conversation.

We have to find ways to not only preserve housing but to preserve the people who live in that housing. We have to build neighborhoods.

HUD Secretary, Marcia Fudge
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge sitting and speaking with another woman
Dive deeper into this candid conversation
Tiffany Manuel speaking on the Enterprise 40th panel
Learn more about the case for rentership

Mainstage Session

Upward Mobility through Wealth Creation

Upward mobility within rentership is an increasingly important conversation. President of Capital and interim co-CEO Lori Chatman led a panel on this critical topic with Dr. Tiffany Manuel, Dan Tangherlini from Emerson Collective, and former U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros. Read more about key session takeaways.

[As a renter] you can also be a long-term resident. You can also build wealth. You can also care about this community and be thoughtful about the stake that you have in it.

Tiffany Manuel, President & CEO, TheCaseMade

Fireside Chat

Government Backing & Private Investment

Enterprise Board Chair Rick Lazio, a former member of Congress, moderated this unique conversion with panelists Sandra Thompson, director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, and former HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, a senior fellow at the Ford Foundation. Dive deeper into key highlights from these housing experts.

We’re locking low-income people and people of color out of places of economic opportunity. It isn't just that housing's not affordable, it's especially unaffordable in the places where people can find the jobs that could transform their lives.

Shaun Donovan, Former HUD Secretary
Shaun Donovan speaking on the panel for the Fireside chat
Get panel highlights and key takeaways
Carlos Martin, program director of Remodeling Futures at Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, sitting in a chair and speaking
Get sustainable insights

Break Out Session

The Energy Revolution Starts at Home

Program Director of Remodeling Futures at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, Carlos Martin, led this exploration of leading financing and public-private partnership innovations that could reshape sustainable affordable housing development.  The panel included Rick Tallman, Elieen Fitzgerald and Paul Irons.

Read about the key session takeaways for sustainable housing development.

Not only do we have to decarbonize, but we have to do it in a way that makes sure that the lowest income aren't bearing the burden of those costs.

Carlos Martín, Remodeling Futures at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies

Break Out Session

A New Standard in Resident Services

Gannett White House Editor, Romania Ruiz, led this panel to explore the unique symbiosis between property management and resident services. Julianna Stuart, Kreasha Williams, Trevor Samios and Nii Sowah bring different perspectives to how this interconnectedness can create new opportunities to empower residents and staff.

Read about key session takeaways from this critical discussion.

We value people's lived experience as a form of expertise. Not just because you went to school, but because you lived something and you're close to the problem. That's expertise.

Julianna Stuart, Vice President of Community Impact Preservation of Affordable Housing
Julianna Stuart of Preservation of Affordable Housing speaks into a microphone as part of a panel
Get barrier breaking insights
A woman speaking into a microphone sitting between a man and another woman
Get key session highlights

Break Out Session

Preserving Affordable Housing

Moderated by Amy Scott, Senior Correspondent with Marketplace, this panel explores how urban, rural and tribal communities across the country are forging partnerships, advocating for policy and leveraging resources to get - and keep - people in homes they can afford.

We will not build our way out of this problem. We need to rethink how and what the housing of the 21st century looks like

Shola Olatoye, COO of Eden Housing Inc.

Closing Remarks

Celebrating Resident Voices

President of Community Development Brian McLaughlin sat down with three of our residents to hear firsthand what it truly means to live in affordable housing, shatter stereotypes and break barriers.

Learn more about how we support our residents.

I enjoy living in Hollins House because there's so many activities going on and I don't like to keep still. I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world.

Jean Henry, Enterprise Community Development Resident
A woman with gray hair sitting in a chair speaking
Hear from our residents

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge headshot

Marcia L. Fudge
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Sandra L. Thompson headshot

Sandra L. Thompson

Federal Housing
Finance Agency

Henry Cisneros headshot

Henry Cisneros

American Triple I Partners
Former Secretary
U.S. Department of 
Housing and Urban Development

Shaun Donovan headshot

Shaun Donovan
Senior Fellow
Ford Foundation;
Former Secretary,
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Priscilla Almodovar headshot

Priscilla Almodovar
President and CEO

Enterprise Community Partners

Headshot of Lori Chatman, co-president and CEO, Enterprise Community Partners (interim)

Lori Chatman
President, Capital Division

Enterprise Community Partners

Jacqueline Waggoner headshot

Jacqueline Waggoner
President, Solutions Division

Enterprise Community Partners

Joaquin J. Altoro headshot

Joaquin J. Altoro
Rural Housing Service Administrator

Maria F. Barry headshot

Maria F. Barry
National Executive, Community Development Banking
Bank of America

Eileen Fitzgerald headshot

Eileen Fitzgerald
Head of Housing Affordability Philanthropy and Social Impact & Sustainability
Wells Fargo & Company

Jeffrey Hayward headshot

Jeffery Hayward
Executive Vice President -
Chief Administrative Officer

Fannie Mae

Makada Henry Nickie headshot

Makada Henry Nickie
Executive Director
JP Morgan Chase

Scott Hoekman headshot

Scott Hoekman
President, Housing Credit Investments

Enterprise Community Partners

Paul Irons headshot

Paul Irons
Managing Member
New Orleans Restoration Properties

George Jones headshot

George A. Jones
Chief Executive Officer
Bread for the City

Jonathan Kott headshot

Jonathan Kott
Capitol Counsel, LLC

Rick Lazio headshot

Rick Lazio
- Rick Lazio, Senior Vice President

Noerena Limón headshot

Noerena Limón
Senior Advisor

Dr. Tiffany Manuel

Dr. Tiffany Manuel
President & CEO
The CaseMade

Carlos Martin, PhD headshot

Carlos Martin, PhD
Project Director,

Remodeling Futures
Harvard Joint Center
for Housing Studies;
Rubenstein Fellow,
Brookings Institution

Katy O'Donnell headshot

Katy O’Donnell

Shola Olatoye headshot

Shola Olatoye
Chief Operating Officer
Eden Housing, Inc.

Tonya Plummer

Tonya Plummer
Director, Native American Housing Program
Enterprise Community Partners

Buzz Roberts headshot

Buzz Roberts
President and CEO
National Association of Affordable Housing Lenders

Otis Rolley headshot

Otis Rolley
President & Head of Philanthropy
Wells Fargo Foundation & Wells Fargo Bank

Robin Rue Simmons headshot

Robin Rue Simmons
Executive Director

Romina Ruiz-Goiriena headshot

Romina Ruiz
White House Editor

Trevor Samios headshot

Trevor Samios
Senior Vice President
Connected Communities, WinnCompanies

Amy Scott headshot

Amy Scott
Senior Correspondent/Host

Nil Sowah

Nii Sowah
VP, Community Impact Strategies,
Enterprise Community Partners

Marjy Stagmeier headshot

Marjy Stagmeier
Managing Partner
TriStar, LLC.

Jennifer Streaks headshot

Jennifer Streaks
Senior Investing Reporter

Juliana Stuart headshot

Julianna Stuart
Vice President, Community Impact
Preservation of Affordable Housing

Rick Tallman headshot

Rick Tallman
EVP Special Projects, Renova Capital Partners
Sustainable Living Innovations

Daniel Tangherlini headshot

Daniel Tangherlini
Managing Director
Emerson Collective

Susan E. Thomas headshot

Susan E. Thomas
SVP and President
Fifth Third Community Development Company (CDC)

Vince Toye headshot

Vince Toye
Head of Community Development Banking & Agency Lending
JPMorgan Chase

Pamela West headshot

Pamela West
Senior Portfolio Manager
Impact Investing, Nuveen Real Estate, Nuveen

Kreasha Williams headshot

Kreasha Williams
Senior Behavioral Health Consultant
University Health-Behavioral Health




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