Our Healing-Centered framework helps practitioners by providing tools and resources to place racial equity at the forefront of community-based work.

This framework provides community development organizations with a tangible, practical understanding of what healing-centered community development is, why it matters, and how to do it successfully. Through this work, we:

  • Create awareness and build capacity to apply the healing-centered framework through tools and resources
  • Increase healing-centered practices across community development by providing training and peer-learning opportunities
  • Foster a culture of healing by connecting communities and networks who are committed to applying a healing-centered approach together  

Our Impact

By centering culture and healing, our activities are designed to advance a future in which:

  • Individuals in the community are supported and can collectively heal from deep historical and ongoing disinvestment and racism
  • Trust and community healing for residents is fostered intentionally
  • Residents and practitioners experience increased levels of agency and wellbeing

Featured Program

Build to Heal

In 2020, Enterprise released Build to Heal: A Framework for Holistic Community Development. The framework shares principles, strategies, and tools for community development practitioners to ground their work in principles of culture, connection, power-shifting, and healing. To support uptake of the Build to Heal Framework, Enterprise launched a Build to Heal Peer Network, with funding from The Kresge Foundation. Learn more.

What We Offer

Together with our Healing-Centered Community Development Framework, we provide a suite of tools, tips and strategies to put residents at the forefront of healing and honor the local community and culture.

Tools & Resources for Practice

Our tools and resources support practice and implementation. Through targeted question sets, process guides, models for governance, and other practical documents and templates, these resources offer specific ways to apply a healing-centered approach to community development.

Networks for Learning

We provide opportunities to practice and learn in community with others, and to strengthen the networks of individuals invested in these shared goals. We've worked with SPARCC, Native Homeownership Learning Communities Cohort, HopeSF, Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge, Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute, Regional Resilience Academies and the Enterprise Rose Fellowship. We periodically open opportunities to join cohorts, including through our Section 4 grant cycle. We periodically open opportunities to join cohorts, including through our Section 4 grant cycle.

Spaces & Gatherings for Healing

We curate experiences for people in the field to reconnect with their own sense of purpose, build a community of peers and likeminded individuals, and experience healing for themselves. In turn, they leave with new tools, relationships and ideas that reenergize them, their teams and organizations, and their work.

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