New York, New York (June 28, 2024) – In response to the SCOTUS decision on City of Grants Pass, Oregon, v. Johnson, Shaun Donovan, President and CEO of Enterprise Community Partners released the following statement:

“Housing and shelter are essential pillars of society, and having a safe place to sleep is a fundamental human need. We’re sorely disappointed that the Court today failed to recognize that locking someone up for sleeping outside when they have nowhere else to go is cruel and unusual punishment. The majority’s inability to see this as a violation of the Eighth Amendment misreads how inescapable homelessness has become for a record setting number of American families. Here’s what we know: homelessness is a direct result of a lack of affordable housing. And until we create and preserve more affordable homes, arrests and other phony fixes will only drive more people deeper into homelessness and despair.

“Here’s the good news: We know what works. Placing individuals rapidly into a permanent home with supportive services is the most effective way of keeping them off the streets. As the nation’s largest affordable housing organization, Enterprise calls on our leaders to commit to real solutions. We won’t rest until we deploy smart, proven solutions to end homelessness in America as we know it.”

Enterprise and Donovan submitted two amicus curiae briefs in the matter, City of Grants Pass, Oregon v. Johnson, arguing that punishing someone with no access to temporary shelter or home for sleeping outside in a public space constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.



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