Enterprise Community Partners (with its collaborator, Local Initiatives Support Coalition) is managing the development of a book of original essays that will focus on the alignment of climate change and community development. The objective of this book will be to raise awareness and understanding of state-of-the-art climate efforts through a framework that centers racial equity and is organized around decarbonization, resiliency, and a just transition for communities of color and undeserved communities across the country.

Enterprise is looking to engage a communications agency or consultant to help develop and implement a marketing campaign to promote the book and the ideas and solutions within it. We seek proposals from interested entities describing both their qualifications for conducting such a campaign, as well as their ideas on how we can maximize exposure to and engagement with this work. Our goal is to retain an agency that can make the book’s subject matter, which is wide-ranging and complex, more easily understood though succinct messaging and accessible distribution methods.

About the Book:
The book will contain a series of original essays authored by a diverse set of thought leaders and practitioners on the front lines of addressing the effects of climate change on vulnerable communities. Each essay will feature a real-world example of a climate-related challenge, presented from the perspective of those most impacted by its affects, as well as a community-centered approach to addressing that challenge. We expect these essays to both amplify the voices of communities most impacted by climate change and offer a call to action for the community development industry and its partners in finance, business and policy. 

The book will be made available for free in both online and print versions, with full release expected in early 2024.

About the Opportunity:
The communications team will work with staff from Enterprise and its collaborators to develop a broad strategy and campaign utilizing a range of outreach methods. This strategy will ideally include:

  • Messaging:  Synthesize the Book’s content and develop key talking points.  
  • Digital publication: Provide guidance regarding the development of a branded website to host the online version of the book.
  • Marketing plan: Develop a plan to maximize exposure to the book through multiple media and communication channels, such as:
    • Social media engagement on all major platforms
    • Pitch stories to media outlets featuring compelling content from the book
    • Develop press releases for targeted audiences
    • Identify opportunities for op-eds, blogs, etc. to be published in external publications.
    • Broadcast opportunities that can present authors as thought leaders and experts.
    • Promotional events held in multiple locations nationally.
  • (Optional) Podcasts and Webinars: Determine the feasibility of producing podcasts and/or webinars on specific topics within the book and ways to promote and distribute.
  • (Optional) Video production: Determine the feasibility of using video in the promotion of the vignettes or take-aways from the essays. 

We recognize that not all agencies are specialists in everything and encourage submissions from agencies that include ideas for any of these options. Agencies may also propose collaborations with other firms or sub-contractors to round out their capabilities in the above areas.

How to Apply
Interested parties may view the full RFP and terms and conditions here. Applications must be submitted through SlideRoom no later than February 28th at 5pm ET. 

Please contact Stephen Fee, Vice President for Communications at Enterprise with any questions regarding this opportunity.