Health Begins with Home

In January 2019, Enterprise launched a new national initiative, Health Begins with Home. Working with a broad group of partners and guided by data-driven insights, Health Begins with Home will put $250 million to work over five years to promote health as a top priority in the development and preservation of affordable homes and to elevate homes as an essential tool for improving resident and community health. 

For both children and adults, the quality, affordability, stability and location of home are seen not just as important factors but as foundational to health and well-being. 

The Health Begins with Home initiative will be built upon the strength of cross-sector partnerships among community members, health systems, health insurers, housing developers, policymakers, public health associations, community development organizations, social impact investors and foundations. 
A bold, focused initiative, Health Begins with Home draws on Enterprise’s on-the-ground experience and its work in raising and investing capital to further connect health and housing.




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