With Enterprise recognizing its national 40th anniversary across the country this year, the Ohio office was pleased to host a fall celebration with the support of silver sponsors PNC Bank, Fifth Third Bank and US Bank, and bronze sponsor Huntington Bank. See the full photo gallery.

Enterprise leadership from across the country, local staff, and partners gathered to honor Enterprise achievements over the past four decades, none of which would be possible without the support of our many public, private and nonprofit community partners.

Ayonna Blue Donald reflected on the powerful role she has seen Enterprise play over the years, observing first as a public partner with the City of Cleveland and now as the vice president and Ohio market leader.

Enterprise is known to be the quiet force that has its fingerprints on a multitude of community efforts as it leads the way in addressing big problems with collaborative solutions. When people come across things that we are involved in, they know Enterprise was here.

I can’t possibly describe all the great work that we are doing, but let me give you some examples:

  • Enterprise has been a leader and collaborator with the Housing First initiative for 20 years. Most recently, we have partnered on a new transition-aged youth housing development that will serve 18–24-year-olds in Cleveland – this development is core to our Housing First mission and we are humbled to play a role in its development. Enterprise was here.
  • Another long-time program run by Enterprise is the Cuyahoga County Earned Income Tax Coalition. We have recently built on this effort by leading a new Bank On Coalition as well as steering new advocacy and programming to promote expansion of both the EITC and the Child Tax Credit. Enterprise remains committed to these programs that promote opportunity and improve both the housing and the financial stability of low-income households in Cleveland. Enterprise was here.
  • Enterprise continues to work with our many partners to advance other critical initiatives including our Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition as well as a new housing strategy for justice-involved individuals. Expect a Justice Housing Plan in December. Enterprise was here.
  • We remain committed to advocating for sound policies that will end housing insecurity, advance quality, affordable housing solutions and promote economic opportunity. One example of this is newly-released report A Tale of Two Markets: Equitable Housing Platform for Cuyahoga County. This policy platform is designed to build a stable housing market in Cuyahoga County. Two of its chief intended outcomes are the advancement of racial equity and increased economic mobility for residents. While it is not intended to be the official housing plan for Cuyahoga County, it is a strong starting point, and the next County Executive is urgently encouraged to adopt the four pillars of equitable housing stability described in the platform. Once again, Enterprise was here.

All of this work is critical to our mission and vision as an organization. As we continue to move forward with fulfilling our mission and responding to the needs of the market, we will continue to develop and implement solutions, programs, and advocate for polices to let everyone know that, yes, Enterprise was and is here.

Two women stand behind a podium speaking

As part of our 40th anniversary year, Enterprise chose 40 extraordinary individuals from across the country who have helped us break boundaries and strengthen communities. We were honored to recognize Kim Foreman, CEO of Environmental Health Watch, as one these Impactful 40. For more than 20 years, Kim has developed, implemented, and managed direct service, on-the-ground grassroots projects. She has been at the forefront of our mission to make Cleveland lead safe and was instrumental in Cleveland City Council’s historic 2019 legislation. Her role as advocate and collaborator has been essential in paving the road to success for Cleveland’s Lead Safe Coalition.

As we look to the next 40 years, we are so thankful for our many partners in Cleveland who make impact possible. Enterprise is here. We know you are, too.

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