Eliminating emissions is the key to avoiding irreversible loss of ecosystems and crisis for our most disadvantaged people and communities. As housers, we have the opportunity to make a difference – to decarbonize. We can invest in energy efficiency and transition to clean energy sources.

A total reduction of emissions is a relatively new focus for construction that goes beyond just electrification or just energy efficiency – and there is no playbook. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience as industry leaders in equitable decarbonization, green building and climate resilience, we are leading a collaboration across the climate and affordable housing sectors to create new products and programs that will decarbonize 1.25 million homes by 2030.

1.25M Homes
decarbonized across the country by 2030
8 Pilot Programs
with actionable decarbonization strategies in progress across the country

Decarbonization must occur in an equitable manner so that communities of color and people with limited incomes do not bear the burden of this transition in higher costs down the line. We are committed to preparing the sector to take advantage of federal dollars available for decarbonization and critical building upgrades, while ensuring electrification does not harm residents and perpetuate racial inequities.

Equitable Decarbonization is just one pillar of our comprehensive response to climate change. Our Building Resilient Futures team is also leading the industry in Green Communities and Climate Risk Reduction.

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First-of-its-kind Resource

We partnered with RMI and Housing Partnership Network to create the Affordable Housing Decarbonization Hub. This industry-leading resource is designed to support an equitable transition to more efficient, climate-ready multifamily homes.

The Affordable Housing Decarbonization Hub has everything you need all in one place, from a comprehensive knowledge library to real-time updates and even access to decarbonization experts who can answer your specific questions.

Visit the hub to start your decarbonization journey today.

Nationwide Pilot Programs

We are partnering with communities across the country to pilot actionable decarbonization strategies. Learn more about our programs and how to get involved.

DHW Electrification & Energy Justice

With support from Building America and in partnership with Group14 Engineering and Energy Outreach Colorado, we’re developing a replicable approach to electrifying domestic hot water systems in multifamily buildings while improving ventilation systems and safeguarding residents from increased energy costs.

Contact Kiera Quigley to learn more.

Colorado Electrification Hub

We’re supporting the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority in the creation of a Hub that allows the multifamily affordable housing community in Colorado to better engage and succeed with climate responsive construction through access to financial resources, peer learning and technical resources.

Contact Ray Demers to learn more.

Climate Friendly Homes Fund

We’re partnering with an extensive team of affordable housing organizations, led by HCR and coordinated by CPC, to provide grants and loans to small multifamily rental buildings (5-50 units) interested in electrifying their heating and cooling systems in New York.


Contact Jenny Yang to learn more.

Electrifying NY’s Affordable Housing

We are participating in this three-year, $2 million pilot project to develop tools and processes to integrate electrification into 150-200 multifamily buildings that are undertaking the Weatherization Assistance Program in New York.



Contact Jenny Yang to learn more.

Building Decarbonization Ordinance for LA

We are working closely with key city agencies on the development of a building decarbonization ordinance for both new and existing construction that considers the needs of affordable housing owners and residents.

Contact Michael Claproth to learn more.

LA 100 Renewable Energy Study

As a part of the LA 100 Steering committee, we are providing guidance on equitable decarbonization policies and regulations that prioritize affordable housing and low-income tenants across the city.


Contact Michael Claproth to learn more.

LA Retrofit Accelerator

We are working closely with LA Better Buildings Challenge on this one-stop-shop model pilot, supporting building owners through every step of an energy retrofit.



Contact Michael Claproth to learn more.

Chicago Decarbonization

We’re conducting focus groups and developing tools in partnership with Elevate to accelerate beneficial decarbonization with affordable housing owners in greater Chicago.


Contact Traci Sanders to learn more.

IRA Implementation

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The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) directs nearly $400 billion in federal funding to lowering the nation’s carbon emissions by the end of this decade.

In addition to helping partners access and implement IRA funds, we are engaging with all levels of government to ensure IRA programs include affordable housing with a focus on equitable fund distribution designed to benefit low-income and disadvantaged communities.

Here is a summary of programs most relevant to affordable housing professionals, the application processes and timeline for further funding and program guidance.

Relevant Programs

  1. HUD’s Green and Resilient Retrofit Program  GRRP offers grants and direct loans to fund projects in HUD-assisted properties. This program has three cohorts that are currently accepting applications as part of a multi-round rolling application process. The Elements Award is designed to provide gap financing to integrate green or resilient elements into existing property renovation plans (next round of applications due 3/8/24). The Leading Edge Award is designed to support owners in achieving a net zero energy or net zero carbon building certification (next round of applications due 4/30/24). The Comprehensive Award is designed to help initiate major energy efficient and climate resilient retrofits (next round of applications due 5/30/24).
  2. DOE’s Home Energy Rebate Programs   Up to $8.8 billion has been authorized for home energy efficiency and electrification and appliance rebates. DOE announced State and Tribal allocations for both programs and released guidance to states to develop their plans. Funds are not yet available for consumers, but states are developing their plans for administering funding and providing technical assistance. Contact your State Energy Office to learn more and weigh in on the quantity and distribution of funds for affordable housing.
  3. EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund  We are supporting industry efforts to ensure that capital from this $27 billion competitive grant program benefits low-income and disadvantaged communities and supports our developer partners. Guiding our efforts are results from a partner survey, which we are in the process of implementing. Awards for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will be made in spring 2024, with funds available for housing providers in late 2024. You can review the EPA’s framework for implementation guidelines and objectives to learn more.

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