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From pre-development to disposition, Enterprise Housing Credit Investments will be there every step of the way. We help remove the roadblocks – so you can focus on what matters most.

Maximize Your Capital Raise

If there’s one thing decades of housing experience has taught us, it’s the value of creativity. When you engage with us early, we help structure your deal to manage your use of public and private resources while generating a profitable and reliable execution to meet your development objectives. We find the right fit for your company from origination to closing, and throughout our entire 15-year partnership.

Pinpoint the Right Financing Solution

Whether you’re weighing investment options, risk or performance, you can lean on our industry-leading experts. We’ve financed nearly every kind of affordable housing development across the country. We can confidently advise you on which financial services are best for your deal.

Our broad platform can help you spend less time structuring your financing and more time developing your next opportunity. Enterprise offers debt as well as equity. When you work with us to optimize your project’s capitalization, we help you close your financing on your schedule.

Reduce Uncertainty

A reliable partner who can flexibly respond to change reduces uncertainty. Our relationships are as robust as our service offerings, allowing us to make connections with funders, policy leadership, and partners to support you. We know that changes happen, so we stand ready to respond with the expertise to restructure the deal and the innovative thinking to manage the funding environment. We succeed when you succeed.

Position Your Development for the Long-Term

You need to know you count on an experienced asset management team to help navigate the complexities and requirements over the duration of the Housing Credit compliance period. Our 70-member asset management team is dedicated exclusively to ensuring that your hard work is sustainable for the long-term. And when we exit the partnership, our dispositions team will work with you to position your property for longterm affordability and sustainability. We’re proactive in communicating with you – and responsive to your needs.

You’ll also gain access to our industry-leading technology resources, including our state of- the-art platform built on Salesforce infrastructure that features an online portal for the secure exchange of documents over the life cycle of the property.

How our asset management team helps over the lifecycle of your development. Through pre-development, construction, operational and dispositions.

Preserve Your Development’s Affordability

Affordable housing isn’t just a real estate transaction to us. It’s our life’s work. We have experience working through almost every conceivable situation. We detect potential issues quickly and work with you to create solutions. We’re committed to working with you when we exit to preserve the development’s long-term affordability for the extended-use period and beyond.

EHCI has managed 1,000 responsible dispositions.

Partner with EHCI

    By having a full range of debt and equity financing programs under one roof, Enterprise is able to find more creative and collaborative project funding solutions.
    We’re focused on our mission of making well-designed homes affordable. This means we’re uniquely motivated to see each project through from start to finish.
    Enterprise resources such as Opportunity360 provides insights into neighborhoods you’re considering for development, lets you review opportunities near current sites and monitor the impact of your investment over time.


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