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Low-income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) investments are substantial commitments – in dollars and time. That’s why we work with you every step of the way, from learning your investments needs on through the disposition of assets. And Enterprise Housing Credit Investments helps deliver the community impact you want – through well-designed homes connected to opportunity.

$800 million invested annual in Housing Credit equity.  Investments in all 50 stats, DC and Puerto Rico

Invest with Certainty

We currently manage nearly $11 billion in assets across 92 national multi-investor and single-investor funds. Our fund managers identify and manage risk while ensuring the reliable delivery of tax credit benefits over the duration of your investment. We prioritize stability, quality and sustainability. Always.

Get the Most from Your Investment

We have a track record of delivering competitive returns alongside responsible community impact. And we offer reliable and flexible pricing while pursuing stable investments. Only 0.02 percent of our investments have had material credit recaptures or foreclosures – in over 30 years.

We help ensure that every property is performing at the highest level possible. Our portfolio ranks among the highest in the industry.


Do a deep dive via our annual Trends Analysis report

When you invest with Enterprise, you help support some of the highest-impact developments in the country. For example, over 20 percent of our portfolio, more than 11,000 homes, are devoted to special needs households, with the majority dedicated to previously homeless households. Those homes average 95.5% occupancy with a 1.46 median Debt to Coverage (DCR) (as of 2017).

We partner with some of the country’s top mission-driven for-profit and nonprofit developers. And we’re part of the Enterprise family of companies, one of the most powerful housing organizations in the business.

National Reach

Whether you need to meet Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) obligations or add a stable asset class to your real estate portfolio, EHCI can help.

  • We originate deals in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
  • We provide access to quality, sustainable and diverse pipeline – from urban locations to tribal lands, from supportive housing for homeless people to mixed-income properties.

Be Connected

We’re proactive in communicating with you – and responsive to your needs. Our team will keep you informed over the duration of your investment.

You also gain access to our industry-leading technology resources, including our state of-the-art platform built on Salesforce infrastructure that features:

  • An unparalleled suite of reports on the status, characteristics and performance of your portfolio.
  • An investor online portal for the secure exchange of documents and information over the life cycle of the property, from due diligence to Year 15.

Invest for the Long Term

Our 70-member asset management team provides solutions to position your investment for long-term success. We have experience working through almost every conceivable situation. We detect potential issues quickly and work with you to create solutions. That way you’re always in the know – and we provide the best possible chance for success.

How our asset management team helps over the lifecycle of your development through pre-development, construction, operational and dispositions

Ensure the Responsible Disposition of Your Investment

EHCI has managed 1,000 responsible dispositions.

Affordable housing isn’t just a real estate transaction to us. It’s our life’s work. That’s why EHCI is committed to working with you at Year 15 to ensure the responsible disposition of your investment – so it benefits residents and communities long-term.



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